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Drawing Basics to Advanced Illustration | Oil Painting | Watercolor | Acrylic

Doug Pearson - Art Director

Doug Pearson - Art Director

Instructor: Painting | Drawing

Guaranteed to learn to draw or paint or your money back!

Meet Doug Pearson, aka “Daddy Doug” to most.
Doug has settled into retirement in the small and quaint community of Rio Vista. His career path has woven in and around all forms of Art for over seventy years and his inner artist is still playing strong.

Doug has been teaching Drawing and Painting for over 60+ years. He approaches each student with patience, encouragement and the belief that they are capable of great things, even before their brush touches the canvas.

We currently offer a mix of fine art classes including 1 day workshops for travelers. As our community demand grows, we’re eager to expand our curriculum. We want to continue to provide the creative spark that just might ignite the next Michelangelo.

Let your inner artist come out to play: Doug established our original Art Center location in Placerville, CA in 2013. He was driven to reignite a passion for the Arts in his community. His goal was to promote the artistic development of students of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. He wanted to create a center for artistic development where students could discover their own inner artist and share his love and passion for the Arts.

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“It is through this positive reflection that students become inspired and motivated to reach levels of creative expression that were never before thought possible. There is nothing like seeing a student grow in confidence and creativity.”

— Doug Pearson Sr. - Art Director - Art & Music Center

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