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Yvonne Camper

Instructor: Smartphone Photography

Yvonne took an interest in photography about 6 years ago, when she became friends with a photographer, who shared his knowledge and mentored and encouraged her to learn more through classes, seminars and joining her local photography club. Although a novice, she entered judged competitions, and began to take first place in several categories at both the club and higher levels of the regional photography community.

About 4 years ago, she became involved with mobile photography and quickly learned how to use the popular mobile editing apps. She took a great interest in iPhone photography and began an iPhoneography group in the club, where she taught and shared her knowledge. Because of this training, the club membership increased as she gave seminars and classes.

She moved to Trilogy in 2016 and is currently involved as president of the Photography club and belongs to TAG. In August, the Trilogy Art Guild held a judged competition where she took first and third place in the photography category.

She enjoys teaching and showing others how easy and fun mobile photography can be. β€œIt's so neat to see their eagerness to learn and how creative some people can be.” and hopes to see others get hooked on this new art-form.