Private Music Lessons

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Piano | Sax | Flute | Clarinet

4 lessons, 1 lesson a week for 4 consecutive weeks (Private lessons)

per lesson | $100 per mo. | 30 minute class
$35 per lesson | $140 per mo. | 45 minute class
$50 per lesson | $200 per mo. | 1 hour class

Schedule: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursdays | Saturday
Sunday by appt.

Ask about our Instrument Rental Program! 707-219-6002

Private Music lesson for all ages Children to Adults!

Music Classes for ages 7 years to adults! We cater to all skill levels, from beginner to an accomplished musicians, whether your just starting out or needing to enhance your musicianship. Learning a musical instrument is a journey. From the first steps of learning notes, chords, rhythms, terminology, and basic techniques all the way to mastering songs, improvising, reading music, and performing on stage, we are here to support and encourage.

Our instructors teach a variety of styles such as rock, jazz, classical, pop, folk & blues. Many of our instructors actively perform on a regular basis.

Each lesson will build from week to week. Much like learning a language, information and skill is cumulative. Practice time during the week is essential to consistent and, in some cases, rapid progress. A student does not need to practice hours on end. In the beginning we recommend 15 to 20 minutes, 3 days a week. As a student progresses, we encourage 5 days a week.

NEWS! 2019 late summer we plan to expand our lessons to cover Brass, Strings, Percussion, Voice and Mandolin

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BRAND NEW Trilogy Special!

Guitar, Ukulele & Bass Guitar lessons in the privacy of your own home!

One of our popular Music Instructors, Rob Stahlman would like to offer Guitar or Ukulele lessons at your home in Trilogy. P{perhaps you have enjoyed one of Rob’s live concerts at the Coffee House and / or Sir Flairs in Trilogy. He is both an amazing teacher AND performer.

Rob teaches a wide variety of styles and genre and will cater your lessons to your preference. This will make you lessons fun, engaging and addicting :)

To inquire, simply fill out the form above and we will get back to you promptly



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